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Our Mission Statement

"To provide our customers with the finest quality solid surface products possible in a timeframe to
meet or exceed their requirements ensuring a commanding stance in our marketplace."

Our Main Attention Goes To Detail, Service and Quality!

If your kitchen is mainly for show, you'll love Corian surfaces, because they're gorgeous. But if your
kitchen is for living, you'll love Corian even more, because no surface is more forgivingthan Corian.
The solid beauty of Corian goes all the way through. So Corian surfaces are completely renewable,
usually with ordinary abrasive cleansers or sandpaper.

Let your imagination run wild! In the hands of a craftsman, Corian comes to life. Edges are sculpted,
deeply dimensional. A continuous sweep of Corian flows from coved backsplashes across counters
and into sinks.

Turn an ordinary bathroom into a great escape with Corian. Life's too short for miles of dirty grout, mold,
mildew, or stains. With Corian, you can escape all that. You'll spend less time cleaning your bathroom
and more time enjoying it.

No surface in your bathroom is easier to clean or looks new longer. Corian is hygienic. It survives the
scratches and scrubbings that may mar cultured marble, ceramic tile and fiberglass.

Showroom Hours for Surfaces Unlimited:
Monday: 8am-4pm, Tuesday: Closed, Wednesday & Thursday: 8am-4pm, Friday: 8am-11am

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